Senior Medical Officer Representative – Metropolitan

Senior Medical Officer – Rural/Remote

image004.jpgDr Suzanne Royle

Dr Suzanne Royle is currently employed half time at The Prince Charles Hospital as a Senior Staff Specialist Paediatrician. She is also a Senior Lecturer at the University of Queensland, and mother to two young daughters. Suzanne is the Vice-President of ASMOFQ and a Together member.

Dr Royle has previously worked as a VMO Paediatrician at the Gold Coast Hospital, and has held academic roles at Griffith University and Imperial College London.  Her paediatric training was undertaken at the Mater Children’s Hospital, the Children’s Hospital at Westmead, and the Royal Children’s Hospital in Brisbane.

Dr Suzanne Royle was a key member of the Keep Our Doctors taskforce.  She was heavily involved in the contract negotiations, representing senior medical staff issues to Queensland Health from the outset. As a result of her considerable experience in contract negotiations, Dr Royle will be well placed to continue to fight for improvements to employment contracts for Queensland’s senior doctors.

image005.jpgDr Derek Holroyd

Dr Derek Holroyd is a Rural Generalist based at Proserpine Hospital. He was a QH Rural Bonded Scholar who remained rural after his return of service, which has resulted in a role as Director of Rural Generalist Training with QRGP. Derek is also an examiner for the RANZCOG diploma for GP obstetricians.

Dr Holroyd has been a member of ASMOFQ and RDAQ since 2005, and previously advocated for salaried doctors during the MOCA1 as deputy chair for the Doctors In Training group. He was a RDAQ management committee member for 2006-7.

More information about the CAC

Your collective action earlier this year forced the Government and the Department of Health to compromise on key aspects of individual contracts. One of these compromises was the Contract Advisory Committee which provides advice and recommendations to the Director-General about the implementation and review of contracts for both (SMOs) and (VMOs). This is the mechanism to formally advocate for improvement to conditions of employment, annual pay increases, and resolve implementation issues.

The Chair of the Committee and four of the members are selected by the Director-General to represent Qld Health and HHS’s and four members are selected to represent medical officers. That means that for doctors to have an effective voice, all four medical officer representatives need to be committed to the cause of fair pay and conditions for doctors.

Make sure you vote and vote for the KOD candidates to ensure a strong voice for medical officers. Vote for Suzanne or Derek!