1200 strong and rising

Posted April 7, 2014

Many of you will have seen an advertisement in newspapers today featuring Dr Rob Thomas talking about why he is preparing to leave the Queensland public health system.

Rob is one of over 1200 doctors across the state who have submitted their resignation letters to their union, saying they won’t stay in the Queensland public health system unless these contracts are rectified.

That’s more than one in every three doctors who say they will leave unless the Government comes back to the table and delivers a deal that focuses on the needs of patients rather than the needs of bureaucrats.

Just like every other doctor, Rob doesn’t want to leave. But he also knows he can’t sign up to a contract knowing that it will leave his patients at risk.

You and your colleagues are showing the power of staying united. 1200 doctors have submitted their resignation letters to the union so far – and there are more coming in all the time.

If you haven’t submitted your resignation letter to the union and would like to join your colleagues, click here.

It’s important to note that this does not mean resignations are being officially submitted. Every single doctor will be personally contacted before that happens. No one’s resignation will be sent officially without your prior consent.

The public deserve to know what is at stake here, which is why the advertisement featuring Dr Rob Thomas is so important.

We have put our options to Government to try and settle this dispute.

We all want this to be settled soon. We just need the Health Minister to sit down. Policy on the run and legislation on the run isn’t going to settle this sensibly.

Queensland can’t afford to lose you from the public health system. And by standing strong together, doctors are minimising the chances of any doctor being forced out and we want a real settlement that means you never have to go through this again.

Thank you for standing up for Queenslanders.

PS – The Government introduced the Health and Hospital Boards Amendment Bill 2014 on 1 April. This a piecemeal attempt to resolve the dispute, and legally it raises even more questions about how the contract, addendum, directives and ministerial directions will operate to give effect to the terms and conditions of your employment. The only effective way to resolve this issue is to get back to the negotiating table and work through the options with the SMO taskforce. See the latest update on the contracts situation here.

PPS: don’t forget to come to Wednesday’s mass meeting in person or via WebEx. Click here for details.