You will likely have seen in the news last night the Minister claiming that the letterboxing and community lobbying activities you are doing are not being done by real doctors, and the silly piece in the Courier Mail today publishing leaked emails about negotiation strategy. These are all distractions.

Together members have voted unanimously to reject the first offer from the Minister - the first addendum. Last night, thanks to the pressure of our campaign the DG released an amended addendum at a meeting at the RBWH. We are seeing this now circulating from our local Exec.

Sneak peek at our ads

Posted March 24, 2014

Over the weekend the Queensland government ran taxpayer-funded advertisements questioning the integrity of its senior doctors.

Have your say now.

Posted March 20, 2014

Last night up to almost 2000 of you and your colleagues stood shoulder to shoulder in solidarity and unanimously voted to continue to seek fair terms and conditions of employment to ensure that Queenslanders continue to have one of the best public hospital systems in the world. See the resolutions passed here.

As you will have heard, a meeting with the Health Minister yesterday resulted in a last minute move from the Government to provide doctors with a revised offer.

Progress, but no breakthrough

Posted March 18, 2014

“Negotiations” went ahead yesterday with the State Government – and there has been progress.

Last night we came out of talks with the Department of Health over the contracts issue.

You’ve opened the doors

Posted March 11, 2014

The pressure you, as part of the Keep Our Doctors campaign, have been putting on the government has been enormous.

As a result, there have been some significant developments in the past 24 hours.

Doctors are Standing Firm

Posted March 6, 2014

Last night I was at a meeting of over 850 doctors at the Pineapple Hotel in Brisbane. I had flown down from Cairns because I wanted to stand with colleagues from across the South East.

Health Minister and Your Contracts

Posted March 3, 2014

Last night the lead story on 7 news was your escalating dispute with the government over unfair individual contracts. A spokesperson for the Health Ministers office described doctors' concerns as “flim flam”.

Doctors protests started in Cairns

Posted February 26, 2014

There was a fantastic turnout at a protest meeting in Cairns this morning!