Advice on the latest Addendum

Posted March 31, 2014

The last week has been another big week in the Keep Our Doctors campaign.

Doctors right across the state continue to stand united against unfair individual contracts, and the pressure on the State Government to put patients and doctors first is having a clear impact.

We’ve seen the Director General flying around the state attempting to speak with as many of you as he can, and the Health Minister took the extraordinary, and arguably desperate, step of setting up a Twitter account to speak directly with doctors to ‘clarify’ the contracts.

There was also an extraordinary personal attack on Dr Tony Sara in the Courier Mail last week and a desperate legal challenge to limit the information that can be provided for you. This legal application will not even be considered in a preliminary way until May and is clearly designed to distract us from the real issue at hand.

These are all signs that your voices are being heard. It’s a sign that the Government knows doctors are serious about getting a fair deal for patients.

Amended addendum and change in notice period

In the past few days, the Director General and Minister have also signalled that they are reducing the resignation notice period from three months down to two and a Health Employment Directive has now been issued to effect the change.

It’s important to note that this only applies to those resignations that are submitted to your employer on or after 30 April.

An amended addendum has also been issued by the Government over the past couple of days.

Click here to see the legal advice on the amended addendum and notice period.

Please review this and make sure you ask questions of the DG if he comes to a meeting with you.

We will be in touch again soon. For a summary of media coverage today go here.

PS: Tomorrow, Tuesday 1 April we are joining the rest of the public sector saying "We won't be fooled!" Click here for your local event.