Contract check in

Posted June 13, 2014

Dear doctors,

Well it has all gone very quiet, but is it the end of the contract signing phase or the eye of the storm?

Group negotiations were held in most HHS or craft groups across the state and it seems that while no one is happy, most groups have a contract they can live with or a promise to make further changes. But many of you are waiting expectantly for a countersigned and confirmed contracts and we are all waiting for the promised directive to apply private practice benefits between 30 June and 4 August.

As the saying goes  - knowledge is power and medicine is evidenced based, so please help us to collect data on the process so far by filling in the short survey below.  

If you have yet to hear about an extension of time, or are having any ongoing issues related to the May 31 date, or contract negotiations please contact us at or on 1800 177 244 for industrial assistance.

One of the key risks of the government individual contract regime is inconsistency and competition between HHS in relation to remuneration and conditions. Doctors have been able to improve your contracts by working together across HHS and disciplines and it important to consolidate and build on this power, rather than let it leak away over time. The next activity woll be a “show and tell” process to try and reinstate consistency across the state and make sure no doctor or discipline is “left behind” or denied key conditions. It will also be a key part of ensuring an ongoing standard of medical officer conditions. 

Yours in union.

Kate and Dan and the Together team.