Contracts starting today

Posted August 4, 2014

Today the SMO and VMO contracts take effect for those who have signed them and private practice benefits will cease for those who have chosen not to.

For most of you this ignominious milestone will pass with no fanfare and hopefully without further distraction from your important work.

We know though, that the negative impacts of these contracts will be progressive and compounding and will require ongoing vigilance by medical officers. If there are issues with contract implementation or your contract or the ongoing process, please get in touch with me at the Together union office.

Shortly we will contact you to promote the election of delegates to the Contract Advisory Committee. This is an important process and we encourage all doctors to have their say.

However, the most important thing is for members to keep talking to each other and stay committed to being a strong doctors union which you are.

Make sure you encourage junior doctors and new employees to get in touch with the union office before they undertake contract negotiations or sign a contract.