Doctors protests started in Cairns

Posted February 26, 2014

There was a fantastic turnout at a protest meeting in Cairns this morning!

Hundreds of Senior Medical Staff, Doctors in Training, other health workers and community members attended. The message was clear: unfair contracts are not on, doctors cannot sign them. The Government needs to listen and keep our doctors.

Emotions were high, there was lots of media interest - and the government appears to be paying attention. You may have seen an email from the DG today - interesting timing.

Well over 90% of SMOs and VMOs in North Queensland have indicated they won't sign these unfair individual contracts.

Townsville are gearing up for a protest meeting of their own tomorrow - with Doctors and supporters heading to the main hospital entrance under the tree at 7.30am.

These protest meetings will continue across all major hospital sites in Queensland - next week features Mackay, Nambour and Ipswich.

You can find details of upcoming Doctor events here. If your hospital is not listed and you want to make sure an event is held get in touch with us at

Importantly - come to your local meeting. Be part of the thousands of medical officers sending a clear message. Unfair contracts are not on, health services, and the experienced staff who deliver them, are too important to mess with!

We look forward to seeing you at a meeting soon.