Have your say now.

Posted March 20, 2014

Last night up to almost 2000 of you and your colleagues stood shoulder to shoulder in solidarity and unanimously voted to continue to seek fair terms and conditions of employment to ensure that Queenslanders continue to have one of the best public hospital systems in the world. See the resolutions passed here.

The Minister and the Premier have today started to again attack and vilify senior medical staff for standing up for what you believe in.

It is just wrong to say that you haven’t been putting your patients first: that is what you always do. It is politicians getting in the way of this that is unfair and unjust.

They think that they can spin, mislead and grandstand Queenslanders into turning on you.Queenslanders support you.

Earlier this week over a thousand community and Together supporters joined the campaign to support our doctors by sending letters to their local member and donating money to support the campaign. Community polling shows Queenslanders trust you and not the politicians when it comes to health care.

Any suggestion of a handshake agreement with Together or the other SMO taskforce members is an outright lie by the Minister. There will be no handshake deals with Together, now or ever. Only doctors make decisions about doctors in our union.

You need to have your say on the Minister's "offer" – many of you voted last night, but we want to make sure we have heard from all of you.

It is important that all members read the "offer" from the Ministerreview the advice from the union office available here, ask questions and have discussions with fellow members and have your say on what has been proposed. We know that a huge number of doctors unanimously rejected the Minister’s proposal. Add your voice to the discussion.

To vote to accept this offer email accept@together.org.au to reject and continue our campaign email reject@together.org.au. For more information please email health@together.org.au.Please include your full name in the subject line.

Stay tuned for next steps.

PS: Check out these great photos from the protest meetings yesterday: PA Hospital, RBWH and RCH, TPCH, and Redland Hospital and today: Logan Hospital. And a media clip from last night.