Have Your Say

Posted April 17, 2014

Congratulations on standing together with your colleagues to secure a new offer from government with a significantly revised contract.

As a Together member it is now important that you have your say about what happens next.

Please review the contract documents and Terms of Reference for the CAC (Contracts Advisory Committee) and our advice here.

You can vote by email, by SMS or by post (postal ballots are already in the mail). Only Together members can vote in the Together ballot.

If you vote to ACCEPT this contract and the framework then you are voting to settle this dispute with the Government and agree for the contracts as they are now to be implemented.

If you vote to REJECT this contract and the framework then you are voting to continue the campaign, including to escalate industrial action.

A majority member vote will determine Together’s position on the SMO/VMO Taskforce and in the Keep our Doctors Campaign Committee.

If you vote to accept this contract offer it does not mean that you need to give up campaigning for a fair framework in to the future. In fact we would encourage everyone to remain committed to raising the standards back to a safe collective bargaining framework up until and after the next state election.

Regardless of the outcome of this ballot Together will be continuing the campaign for a fair system and a way to ensure that you always have a right to speak up for the benefit of your patients and doctors in training.

Congratulations on getting to this point, I look forward to hearing your decision.

Ps. We are waiting on a full version of the VMO contract, we don’t have it today but will put it up as soon as we get it along with any other additional documents.