Health Minister and Your Contracts

Posted March 3, 2014

Last night the lead story on 7 news was your escalating dispute with the government over unfair individual contracts. A spokesperson for the Health Ministers office described doctors' concerns as “flim flam”.

Flim flam n.

  1. Nonsnese; humbug.   
  2. The Newman Government's despicable trivialisation of the real concerns senior doctors have over being forced to sign contracts.

The concerns are real. Over 1000 SMOs and VMOs across Queensland have already voted and said they will not sign - that they cannot sign given the unjust nature of the contracts. Here's why.

Last week medical staff, Together members from across Health, patients and other supporters held enormous protest meetings in Cairns and Townsville to demonstrate their concerns. They called on local MPs, the Health Minister and the Premier to stop this damaging process and restore doctors rights. 

This week Mackay, Ipswich and Nambour are continuing the trend and keeping our message out there loud and clear – keep our doctors! These concerns not trivial. The Minister needs to have that demonstrated to him again.

In good news other news outlets are continuing to cover the case for keeping our doctors today:

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This is a critical time to be involved. Join the campaign. Join your union. Be part of the movement to keep our doctors and save our public health system in Queensland.