Keep Our Doctors - your campaign kicks off

Posted February 19, 2014

Today, the resistance against the state government’s unfair contracts for doctors is really heating up.

The Keep Our Doctors campaign – an initiative of ASMOF, Together and the AMAQ members - is being launched in Brisbane today. Dr Tony Sara, ASMOF Federal President has come to Brisbane to speak directly with the media on behalf of the joint taskforce.

We know the state government is playing hardball on the individual contracts, but we also know that Queensland’s doctors are too passionate about the health of Queenslanders to let the government tear your rights and our public health system apart.

The momentum has been building from across the state with thousands of SMOs and VMOs committing to not sign the contract.

We are now at the next stage: the Keep our Doctors brand is being launched today.

Next we are moving to public action by doctors at your local hospitals.

Media attention and your message getting out to the public is critical. That's what this next month is all about.

After this we will broaden our reach with a paid media campaign and targeted political lobbying.

We can’t afford to let our senior medical staff be bullied and forced to leave our system. We will stand together and make sure that it doesn't happen.

Today is just the start of the campaign – there’s much more to come. Join the fight for Queensland public health system by signing up to:

The Queensland government’s unfair individual contracts will force our doctors out of the public health system. We can’t afford to let that happen. Donate to the joint campaign so we can continue to spread our message.

Thanks for your support so far and we look forward to working with you to fight these unfair individual contracts.