Progress, but no breakthrough

Posted March 18, 2014

“Negotiations” went ahead yesterday with the State Government – and there has been progress.

Thanks to your pressure, the Government agreed to go back to the table and provide the state’s doctors with a proposal for an improved employment agreement.

The Health Minister himself came to the meeting yesterday afternoon and made the announcement that they’ve heard the concerns and will be going back to the drawing board – a clear sign that the Keep Our Doctors campaign is making a real impact.

This is positive; there’s still a very long way to go.

We need to see real change and a restoration of your rights. It’s great that the Minister has come back to the table but we need to see the deal and a commitment to address the critical issues created by legislative change.

The Government has committed to providing doctors with an “improved contract document” by Wednesday (tomorrow), at which time you will need to have a look at the offer and see if it’s the fair and reasonable agreement Queensland doctors and your patients deserve.

Doctors simply can’t and won’t sign the State Government’s proposed individual contracts in their current form. Unless there are significant improvements, doctors will be forced out of the public health system.

While we’re hopeful the Government will rectify its current proposal and return with something that doesn’t put doctors and patients at risk on Wednesday, in the meantime, the campaign continues apace.

There are huge rallies planned in Brisbane over the coming days. Make sure you get along to a rally if you’re in the area.

Stay tuned for further updates, congratulations on your efforts to date – it is only because of the stand you have taken that progress is being made.

PS: In the last 24 hours hundreds more of your colleagues from across the sector and the community have also been contacting local MPs in support of you and the Keep our Doctors campaign. The community and your fellow members are with you all the way.