Queensland Health Contract Advisory Committee Election

Posted July 17, 2014

As many of you would be aware, on Wednesday 9 July 2014 the Director-General of Queensland Health, Mr Ian Maynard, via DG Connect, advised SMOs and VMOs of the opening of nominations for the Queensland Health Contracts Advisory Committee (“CAC”).  This email was sent 3 days after nominations had in fact been opened by the Australian Electoral Commission (“AEC”) who has been contracted by Queensland Health to conduct the elections.

Unsurprisingly, there are some issues which need to be resolved prior to the election occurring.  For example, no guidance has been provided to the AEC in respect of the manner in which they are to conduct the election in respect of simple matters such as:

  1. Who is eligible to nominate for the SMO representative positions, that is what are the eligibility criteria for regional, rural/remote and metropolitan;
  2. Who is eligible to vote for each of the respective SMO representative positions.

The Australian Salaried Medical Officers Federation, Industrial Union of Employees (“ASMOF”) and Together Queensland, Industrial Union of Employees (“Together”) is urgently seeking to clarify these matters with Queensland Health. 

The ASMOF  and Together are seeking expressions of interest from SMOs and VMOs who may wish to nominate for the following positions to be elected during the CAC election:

  1. Senior Medical Officer representative – Metropolitan;
  2. Senior Medical Officer representative – Regional;
  3. Senior Medical Officer representative – Rural/Remote;
  4. Visiting Medical Officer representative.

ASMOF and Together intend to endorse a joint ticket of candidates who they believe will be best placed to represent the interests of SMOs and VMOs on the CAC.  Once candidates have been determined, Together and ASMOF will be advising all SMOs and VMOs who the endorsed Together and ASMOF candidates are. 

Keep an eye out on your emails for updates and make sure that when you receive your ballot papers following the close of nominations on 12 noon 25 July 2014 that you vote for the ASMOF and Together candidates. 

If you wish to express interest in nominating for a position on the ASMOF and Together ticket, we ask that you urgently email your interests to [insert email address].  We apologise for the limited notice, however it is the matter outside the hands of ASMOF or Together and is once again another unreasonable timeframe set by Queensland Health.

Dr Tony Sara
Australian Salaried Medical Officers Federation

Ms Kate Flanders
Assistant Secretary
Together Queensland

Dr Stephen Morrison
Australian Salaried Medical Officers Federation