Quick and Important Update on SMO Contracts

Posted February 21, 2014

It’s great that so many members have already contacted their MPs. We have seen a huge number through– www.doctorsforqueensland.org.au. We have heard that MPs are gearing up for a meeting this coming Monday about all things Health. So – why not call or email today?

We want to make sure that your MP is walking in to that meeting with this issue at the top of their mind and a plan to ask to fix it!

Click here to find a guide to lobbying your MP, including some template letters that have worked really well for other SMO colleagues.

We will also want to coordinate further visit to MPs later this month following on from our protests. So setting up a meeting for later in the month is a good start too.

2. Can I take someone with me to a contract negotiation or can I only have someone for “support”?

Some SMOs have received letters with contracts included and have been invited to attend meetings. In this correspondence it suggests you cannot have a representative present but rather simply a “support person”.

You are entitled to have representation in a process like this and that is support by the Departmental Policy: “Guideline: Role of a support person, union representative or legal representative in assisting employees to discuss workplace issues”

In some cases we are likely to have group “negotiations” – or meetings about the contracts. If you have questions or concerns talk with your local delegate or contact us. Remember to refer to our template letter – here.

Our strong advice to all members is still to seek further advice and information and do not sign a contract. These contracts are unfair and dangerous. You deserve better.

We will be in touch early next week about your opportunity to stand with your colleagues and make sure that everyone knows – these unfair contracts will not stand and you will not stand for them!

Keeping you, our Doctors, working in our public health system and preserving your rights is vital.