Remember to Vote Today

Posted May 2, 2014

I know that you are currently considering a huge amount of new information from the union office and Queensland Health and making decisions about settling the dispute with government and your own contracts. The ballot timeframe was  extended until 5 pm today, so make sure you have your say in accepting or rejecting  the Government’s offer.

So far the majority of members are wishing to accept the offer,  although almost all members continue to express their disappointment and distrust in the Government and dismay at this process and the impacts. The potential for deterioration of wages and conditions for future SMO’s and the lack of collective bargaining have been the key reasons for no votes and also the key issues that even those voting to accept remain deeply concerned about.

There are also still outstanding issues for our VMO members relating to overtime and on call arrangements and a commitment to allow part time SMO’s with small fractions and private practices to become VMO’s is not being implemented as agreed in a number of HSS’s. See a VMO update about these issues here.

Many members, whichever way they voted, have expressed their desire to remain involved in campaigning for patient care, independent clinical decision making and the rights of junior doctors and other health workers. Together delegates are currently developing a campaign plan for a “Putting Patients First” which is aimed at furthering this work.

The next opportunity to send a clear message to the Government and the Health Minister that our union of doctors is strong and committed to good public healthcare and workers rights is to come to Labour Day activities this weekend. This is a great family fun day for union members and their families.