SMOs on the Weekend

Posted February 24, 2014

This last weekend we have seen an enormous effort by SMOs across the state contacting MPs, contacting Ministers and spreading the message that unfair contracts are not good enough.

For the first time in living memory we had Doctors out on polling booths campaigning on Doctors' issues.

The Redcliffe by-election was a great success for your campaign. It was also a colourful mix of groups who all have different issues with the current state government. We were in the mix and at the forefront of the debate. Because of you. Because of the SMOs who came along and did a great job taking the message straight to the decision makers.

Here is Rob, a staff specialist, who had never been on a polling booth before, let alone been someone who went to see their MP or Minister about issues. Rob met the Premier on Saturday and flanked by colleagues had a really important talk about what the problems with the contract are and that they need to be fixed.

When the Premier said on Saturday night that he had been sent a message and needed to listen,one of the key messages for him on Saturday was from SMOs. Congratulations to all those who participated.

Click here to see some great photos from the day.

Then on Sunday was Tully Community Cabinet. Fresh off the plane and 'ready to listen' more SMOs were there to greet the Premier and Cabinet in Tully. Sandy and the team did a great job of keeping the momentum going.

Now it's your turn. This week we start the first of our protest meetings outside hospitals.

We are starting in the North (see flyer here) and heading south over the next 3 weeks taking our message to the public - Keep our Doctors!

Restore your rights, restore fairness, it's not asking for more, just an equal playing field and fundamental fairness.

Remind your colleagues - there is time, you don't have to sign. Come along to a protest near you!