Sneak peek at our ads

Posted March 24, 2014

Over the weekend the Queensland government ran taxpayer-funded advertisements questioning the integrity of its senior doctors.

This remarkable intervention, coupled with intemperate comments from both the Premier and Health Minister late last week, is a sign our campaign against unfair individual contracts is entering a new phase.

Following the massive turn-out at events last week (see photos at this link) the government is adopting a strategy to bully doctors into accepting its terms.

Last week the Health Minister publicly dared doctors not happy with the contract to resign immediately; while the Premier showed an historical blind spot by foreshadowing recruiting foreign doctors to fill any shortages if doctors do leave the system.

These statements should be read as what they are: panic from a government that has lost control of its system. There is a solution to this – for the government to come back to the table. 

Rather than responding to the weekend attacks, the Keep Our Doctors campaign will commence our own advertisements warning the Queensland public of the impact of pushing doctors out of the public health system. This is designed - along with all our campaign activities - to encourage the government back to the table.

For a sneak peek at the advertisements – which will go to air from Wednesday night – click here.

Share it with your friends and colleagues and encourage them to donate to the campaign to keep them on the air.

Print ads that reflect this message are also scheduled for this week. Our campaign is working, and it continues.

Have you joined your colleagues by signing conditional resignation letters?

Doctors from hospitals around the state are in the process of determining their futures if the government refuses to revise its position.

Large numbers of resignation letters have been sent to the Together office already – is your name among the list? The more doctors willing to resign en masse, the greater chance we have of getting the government back to the negotiating table. Your resignation won’t be sent without your prior agreement.

Click here for further information and please contact the hotline on 1800 177 244 if you have any further questions.

This dispute will only be resolved if the government takes a step back and respects its senior doctors, rather than attempting to bully and besmirch them - or replace them from overseas.

We will continue to advocate on your behalf and keep you informed of development over the coming week.

If you are in Brisbane next Tuesday 1 April, there is an opportunity to join together with other public sector workers and send a message to the government that we all stand united against the unfair laws that have brought us here – we won’t be fooled! Click here for details.