When you are sent your contract, read this first

Posted March 15, 2014

Last night we came out of talks with the Department of Health over the contracts issue.

The Director General has come to the table with an enormous amount of good faith and has put incredible effort into listening to our concerns and trying to address them within his scope.

The issue is that the scope given to the DG was not wide enough. The Minister needed to recognise that it is the legislation that is most damaging, and both the legislation and the contract document must change.

We will give a comprehensive update on what has occurred in these negotiations and what options the DG has outlined next week.

As we have been in this room contracts were sent to many doctors around the state – accompanied by a request that you sign them.

Our strong advice remains - do not sign these contracts in their current form.

A comprehensive guide to representation, negotiations, what questions to ask and what you should consider doing on receiving your contract document has been prepared. You can find it HERE.

This is designed to assist you when you first receive your contract and provide you with general advice as to questions to ask.

The contracts as they exist at the moment are very damaging and dangerous. They strip you of vital rights that are designed to protect you and protect your patients.

Make sure you read this document outlining what you should do once you receive a contract.

The Keep our Doctors campaign is continuing and next week will now see an escalation of action, with protests meetings in Brisbane and the launch of the next phase of our campaign.

This week saw impressive protests at the Gold Coast, Caboolture and Toowoomba. The message coming out of the rallies is very clear: senior medical staff are united against unfair contracts and will not sign them.

Remember to contact the hotline on 1800 177 244 or email us at health@together.org.au  for advice or support, and we hope we will see you at a protest next week if we haven’t already!

Stay tuned for further updates,

The Keep our Doctors Team

PS. See some photos from the Caboolture protest event hereGold Coast here, andToowoomba here.