Your contract negotiation guide and more

Posted May 14, 2014

Together doctors and ASMOF doctors have now had their say on the latest contract documents.

The results are in and the message is clear - the fatal flaws may be gone but the damage remains, and recovery is going to take some time.

While a majority of Together members have indicated that you are ready to negotiate contracts, a majority also qualified this by saying you will not stop campaigning for a restoration of a fair system in to the future.

We have produced a "Contract Negotiation Guide" for Together members to use. We will add to it and update it as more negotiations occur. It is currently 9 pages long but takes you through the contract clause by clause.

We are working on an "executive summary", but in the mean time - get together with your colleagues and send in your questions.

It is vital that you approach your HHS Executive in groups (note this will be HSSA Exec for Pathologists or DG in some areas) wherever possible. This is the best way to ensure that the contracts as promised are delivered rather than some that are emerging with key clauses missing.

Support Dr Chris Davis

Last night Campbell Newman sacked Dr Chris Davis as Assistant Health Minister for his lack of "cabinet solidarity". Dr Davis stood up for the principles of patients over profits and stood by the Medical workforce in this dispute. He spoke out against unfair contracts and in support of the Keep our Doctors campaign. To leave a message of support for Dr Davis you can post to his Facebook page here.

What's next?

Together members will have a busy few weeks negotiating contracts, but at the same time we will be digesting last night's federal budget and preparing to launch the next phase of our campaign to restore your rights and bring our Health system back into order.

Look out for more information in the coming weeks about our new campaign Putting Patients First - we'll be continuing to take the fight up to the Government to restore collective bargaining, restore Health funding and maintain universal healthcare.

In the meantime - happy reading - remember to review the contract negotiation guide here and contact us at or 1800 177 244 for advice or support.